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Newsletter is a real newsletter system for your WordPress blog.

WordPress Newsletter Management

Provide a regular newsletter, distributed by email. An electronic newsletter can send your latest message to thousands of people in a matter of seconds. Subscribers have opted for inclusion into your mailing list – so you know that they are interested in your business services. A visitor to your website last month may not visit this month, a newsletter keeps them updated.

Electronic Newsletter enables you to collect more than an e-mail address from vistors that visit your web site. Add contacts or allow subscribers to join opt-in e-mail lists that you create with the capability of searching the records and scheduling a future contact date and time.

An electronic newsletter is an excellent medium to:

  • Update people who haven’t visited your website for some time.
  • Tell them about your latest special offers.
  • Provide a method by which they can contact you about specific offers.
  • Grow a mailing list of potential customers.

With our newsletter system:

  • You use our Content Management System to edit your html newsletter (or plain text message if you prefer).
  • Visitors add/remove them selves to your mailing list via your website.
  • On subscribe visitors select their categories e.g. Location, Business, Public etc
  • You have a facility to send edited newsletter to selected categories on list (or all cats).
  • Facility to add bulk email addresses to list.
  • Facility to collect current list to your PC for edit/store (with categories).
  • Your mailing list editable with MS-Excel.
  • Facility to upload complete edited mailing list.